Existing or Planned Centers for Employee Ownership

An increasing number of individuals or organizations have established state centers to promote employee ownership.  

Some are affiliated with a university (OH, NY/NJ, and CA), others are independent nonprofits (VT, PA, IN, Rocky Mountain). Individuals or organizations  from other states are seeking to establish a state center. Each of these have a common purpose - to provide education and advocacy to increase the number of employee-owners.

Is this the start of the grassroots movement in employee-ownership that President Reagan foresaw?

Are you interested in establishing a state center in your state? if so contact NCEO's Outreach Coordinator Timothy Garbinsky 

State Centers

Existing State Centers for Employee Ownership

States with Existing Employee Ownership Centers: Note: The hyperlinks are active and will open the Employee Ownership Center Website in a new webpage.

National Organizations


States with Planned Employee Ownership Centers

States that are currently establishing or planning to establish Employee Ownership Centers:


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